10 Home Staging Tips

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  1. Pay attention to the details because buyers and their agents definitely will. This means that every nook and cranny of your home should be clean, clean, clean! Those missing outlet covers you always meant to get to should be purchased and installed.
  2. Remove anything that disrupts the flow of your house. If you could potentially walk into it, remove it. If it makes the room look small, remove it.
  3. Place some fresh flowers and plants out front and out back. It sounds so simple and yet hardly anyone does it. Trust me – when you do, buyers notice.
  4. Buy a new welcome mat.
  5. Address any and all potential odors in your home. If you can smell it, you can’t sell it. And this doesn’t mean just covering them up with an overpowering air freshener.
  6. Paint, paint, paint. Fresh paint can literally add thousands to your sales price.
  7. Speaking of paint, choose soothing and neutral colors.
  8. Have another pair of eyes look at your home and don’t take their comments/suggestions personally. This is one of the best things you can do. Listen to your friend with a good sense of design. Listen to your agent.
  9. Remove any items that could be viewed as controversial – whether it’s political or who knows what.
  10. Go for a finished, fairly simple look. You don’t need to drape your house in fabric. Just make sure your accessories match and make sense.
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