Kimberly is candid, professional, tough, and knowledgeable.

Kimberly Schmidt

After accepting a job in another state, my wife and I were desperate to sell our house. We interviewed a number of realtors before deciding on Kimberly. The other realtors seemed to be telling us what they thought we wanted to hear. Kimberly, however, told us what we needed to hear, even if it wasn’t pretty. In the end, our house was only on the market for 4 days before we were in escrow, and it sold for more than we were expecting! Kimberly is candid, professional, tough, and knowledgeable of the real estate market trends. She will fight to get you the best deal possible. She was constantly in touch with us, communicating and explaining things every step of the way. Now that we are back in the market to BUY, we find ourselves wishing Kimberly could help us. With Kimberly as your realtor, you will not be disappointed!